Robben Island Museum

Declared as a world heritage site in 1999, Robben Island Museum offers you an authentic experience of the triumph of the human spirit by telling a significant part of South Africa’s history towards the birth of our rainbow nation. 

This site is arguably best known for being the infamous prison that housed Nelson Mandela for 18 of his 27-year sentence and many other political prisoners that fought a good fight for the liberation of South Africa.

This heritage hub offers numerous sites to explore such as the Maximum-Security Prison, Robert Sobukwe Complex, The Village Precinct, Limestone Quarry and The Lepper Graveyard just to mention a few. 

Robben Island is also home to various seabirds and wildlife such as the endangered African penguins and Cape Cormorants, Springboks, Fallow Deer and Bontebok. While on the Island, you might make a couple of stops on the road to let the tortoise pass.

The Robben Island experience is enjoyable with the calming sea breeze and beautiful scenery of the island’s flora and fauna with a spectacular backdrop of Table Mountain.

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