Health Passport Worldwide

Test and Protect:

Health Passport Worldwide is a digital platform designed to support the healthcare sector and the safe return of the travel, tourism and events industries. 

By working with the Health Passport Worldwide system, the Health Passport South Africa solution combines secure mobile technology with official COVID-19 tests and vaccinations.

The user-friendly mobile app enables people to receive their test results quickly and easily, and automatically delivers the certified documents directly to their mobile phones.

This provides great efficiencies for both the healthcare sector and the public alike. The overall platform works with tests and vaccinations which are administered by medical professionals.


Security and data privacy form the core of the tech. Unlike some other mobile technologies, the Health Passport Worldwide mobile app does not track peoples’ locations, it does not use Bluetooth, nor GPS, and does not monitor people’s usage of the system. Data is not shared with any third parties.

Health Passport South Africa launched its flagship testing centre at The Lookout Waterfront in Cape Town and provides PCR and rapid Antigen tests. The advanced setup means that 275 people can easily be tested every hour. As demand increases, this immediately scales up to 550 people per hour. Results are securely shared through the Health Passport mobile app.


Says Wayde Van Niekerk, South African athletic superstar and 400m world record holder, “There is nothing like the feeling of having the crowd cheering you on, and I hope this will be possible for the Tokyo Games. Health Passport Worldwide is a great way to help get fans back in stands.”


Justin Van Wyk, CEO of Big Concerts says, “This is an important moment for the events industry which has been devastated by the pandemic. The Health Passport Worldwide platform enables events to proceed with the highest levels of risk mitigation, demonstrating the way forward for live events globally.”

Health Passport Worldwide is rolling out COVID-19 testing centres throughout South Africa and will support the efficient deployment of vaccinations, keeping such digital records for anyone who wishes to make use of the service.

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