African Grower


African Grower is a robust and revolutionary vertical hydroponics system that allows individuals to address the nutritional shortfalls of their diet by growing their own nutrient rich vegetables at home.

It allows individuals to easily upscale production to address food security for the entire family, and once they have proven their capability, their household can evolve into an Agripreneur status. Through our implementation arm, we create projects to address Nutrion Deficiency, Food Security / Sovereignty and create Enterprise Opportunities for the network of HomeGrowers in under-serviced communities through AgriHubs. 




  • NUTRITION: People can now grow the freshest nutrient rich produce at home and include it into their Diets.
  • FOOD SECURITY (Family): Scaling up to be able to grow majority of fresh produce your family needs.
  • Growing more than you need and creating an ENTERPRISE OPPORTUNITY by selling off surplus produce.

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